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The decision to come out, or disclose, at work is also complicated 2. Support Gender Transitions Transitioning is not a single event but, rather, a process, which begins with a deeply personal decision that usually results from years of soul-searching. People weigh the positive consequences of doing so (freedom from living a “double life” and expression of one's true self) against the negative ones (potential rejection and career ramifications). One of our study participants, a trans woman in the transportation industry, told us, “After nearly a year of soul-searching, research, therapy, support group attendance, and deep personal reflection, I ‘came out' to my supervisor as transgender....I finished talking, paused, and waited for her reply. My heart was in my throat. I knew this meeting might forever change the way she thought of me, and that I could not un-say what had been said.” Then the woman recounted her boss's reaction: “After a few moments, her very first words were ‘We're not just a team here, we're a family, and this is your home. You have the right to be who you are and to be treated with respect and dignity. I will do everything I can to make sure your transition is as smooth and trouble-free as it can be.' She then got busy arranging meetings with the head of the department and the head of HR.” Someone deciding to transition chooses what that process will look like and how long it will take. A transition may involve gender-confirmation surgery (not all trans people undergo medical procedures). Some gender-fluid individuals spend their lives transitioning between and within various gender expressions, as they continually reinterpret and redefine themselves. Employers must develop a comprehensive approach to managing gender transitions-one that focuses on the flip through this site employee but also on cultivating a work environment conducive to the transition process. First, helping transitioning employees who elect medical procedures to cover costs-and making sure they have access to health care benefits that are gender-identity-specific-can reduce the stress and anxiety of coming out at work Second, it is paramount that employees be asked what they need during their transitions and how they would like the process handled. (más…)