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Mariella Velezmoro, AFS student from Lima, Peru, now attending Mayville Central School, said, “I love it in the U Principal Gustavus Bentley of Washington estown and Mrs. Bentley, had received a letter from their daughter, Ruth Bentley Sibbett, from Jerusalem. Mrs. Sibbett had been spending the summer there. Her husband had been on a business trip in Arabia. His work being finished, they were on their way home. An excerpt from the letter, written shortly after war was declared in Europe, stated: “There is a mad Europe between us! Like everybody else who can read and write, we have only one subject of thought, the war. I'm glad I have a hearth in Chautauqua County. My main feeling is one of complete helplessness in the face of inevitability. All anyone can do is to sit about and wait, which is one of the most difficult occupations.” In 1964, Lakewood Area Jaycees felt that they had been thwarted in their efforts to keep the children off the streets. The road, a county highway, divided the Town of Ellicott on the east from the Village of Lakewood on the west. The shoulders were narrow and along the east side was an open ditch which often contained the overflow of five septic tanks located on property on that side. Officially, the speed limit was 50 miles an hour on the Town of Ellicott side and 25 miles an hour on the Lakewood side. The Jaycees organization had been working for two years to get a walkway constructed along the Townline Road from Fairmount Avenue south, toward Southwestern Central School, a route traveled daily by hundreds of youngsters Two Cleveland teenage girls who had come to England three weeks ago so they could be near the Beatles, were picked up by London police. (más…)