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There is no problem in the state of Indiana “I've been quite blunt about my difference of an opinion on this issue. The IHSAA has been handling it & will continue handling it in the future. We will see if there is a lawsuit & if there is, the courts will weigh in." -Gov. Holcomb "Today's action only strengthens the promise of Title IX, which has had the most profound impact on ensuring women have equal opportunity in sports for nearly 50 years. It's important for Indiana to not only recognize the contributions and achievements made by female athletes, but to also ensure those opportunities are secured now and in the future," said House Speaker Todd Huston (R-Fishers) in an email statement. Holcomb said he shares concerns and confusion raised by the Indiana High School Athletic Association during testimony about exactly who or how procedures will be established and maintained under the current bill “Today, most members of the supermajority bent to extreme, right wing factions of their party and voted to codify discrimination against vulnerable Hoosier children. This is just one more example of our reactionary supermajority sticking government where it doesn't belong in order to further their private political agenda.” “All Hoosier children, including trans kids, deserve our protection, care and love; there shouldn't be anything political or controversial about that. It's upsetting to see this body waste time and taxpayer money on bullying minors (and the resulting lawsuits), rather than on any number of policies to really protect women and kids like mental health spending, a state child tax credit or well-funded childcare. It's short-sighted and a waste of Hoosier tax dollars-we'll be glad to see this struck down in court.” In a letter to House Speaker Todd Huston, R-Fishers, Holcomb said the bill leaves too many unanswered questions for him to support the bill "even if I support the overall goal." He said the presumption of the policy laid out in HEA 1041 is there is an "existing problem" requiring state intervention. (más…)