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“I never go south of the river” She lives in Islington or Camden and she never leaves her little North London Bubble. Even though she's at uni all her friends are from that same North London bubble. This is because they all collectively chose to remain in London and live out their uni years here. She is North London and proud, and her stance on life “anything south of the River isn't worth touching”. Having a conversation with this gal is entertaining because she's got that cold and blunt London sense of humour. However, after a few dates with this girl, you'll realise she only ever wants to go to the same three bars in the hopes she'll bump into one of her school pals and will ditch you on the date for a cig break that lasts 45 minutes with all her chums. “I only date boys who went to Eton or Harrow” At a push, they'll make an exception for a Winchester or Westminster boy- but only when she's comfortable in the knowledge he has a house in South Ken. For these girls your schooling means everything and if you don't fit her public school image it doesn't matter how good you are at anything else you're just not the right one. (más…)