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Popular explanations on office of work between exact same-gender lovers work on each other socio-monetary resources and you can equity norms Socio-monetary patterns and you can adherence to security First, socio-economic models of family specialty believe the newest mate towards the really info (age.grams., money, training, occupational esteem) specializes in paid down work to optimize house returns (Becker, 1981 ) otherwise spends these types of tips so you're able to negotiate the way-out of accomplishing household jobs (Brines, 1993 ). Empirical consequences suggest not one staying in an exact same-sex matchmaking are a more essential predictor away from an equal department out-of work than just that have comparable revenue (Shechory & Ziv, 2007 ; Solomon mais aussi al., 2005 ). Furthermore, even in the event same-sex people are reduced homogenous with respect to training and you may decades than various other-intercourse couples (Schwartz & Graf, 2009 ), specialty was rare. Socio-financial models hence don’t totally take the paid and you will outstanding tasks, and more importantly do not offer belief in as to the reasons men and you may females same-gender lovers spend some paid back and you may delinquent work in different ways (Goldberg & Perry-Jenkins, 2007 ). (más…)