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Harisu was born a boy but identified as a girl early and underwent sex reassignment surgery in the 1990s Caroline Cossey was born in 1954 in England. She is a British model who went by the name Tula and wrote two memoirs under that identity. For Your Eyes Only, a 1981 James Bond film, featured her. After her role in the film, she was outed as transgender by the British tabloid News of the World. She was the first trans woman to model for Playboy in 1991. Since then, Cossey has campaigned for her right to marry legally and be recognized as a woman. 9. April Ashley April Ashley MBE was born on this day in 1935. She is an actress, model, and novelist from England. She was one of the first British persons known to have had sex reassignment surgery after being outed as a transgender woman by The Sunday People newspaper in 1961. Her marriage was declared null and void in a well-known court case known as Corbett v Corbett. She was recognized as a woman by the U.K. government in 2014. 10. Harisu Harisu, Lee Kyung-stage Eun's name, is a South Korean singer, was born in 1975. She is a singer, model, and actress from South Korea. She is the first transgender entertainer in the Republic of Korea, and she was the second person in Korea to officially alter their gender in 2002. (más…)