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15 Alicia Techniques (Year 11, a dozen, 14) Drying out is certainly one "problem" that we possess with sweetgum. The brand new timber provides interlocked grain, and so the cereals is commonly dive to the section and you may brand new adjacent urban area comes with the grains appearing out of the portion regarding wood. As a result, the fresh new wood shrinks lengthwise, along with all of the direction, during the drying. Which is, they warps. Next, flatsawn yellow gum, in addition to flatsawn sap nicotine gum regarding faster trees, will cup. Remaining gum flat throughout drying need a dozen-inches sticker spacing, rapid drying out, to stop rewetting conditions while in the drying out, and you can to prevent over-drying. Full, nicotine gum shrinks over cherry, mahogany, or walnut (8 per cent shrinking out of environmentally friendly to help you six % MC, compared to the 6, step three, and you will six per cent to the other around three species, respectively). Sap nicotine gum, like any sapwood, was at the mercy of rapid discoloration of the blue stain fungi and agents gray spot within the warm weather. Red-colored nicotine gum have a tendency to honeycomb in the event the dried too early. Sweetgum adhesives pretty without difficulty; in reality, a little convenient than just cherry. not, from the interlocked grain, people change in MC will most likely connect with surface flatness, and thus affecting glue bond power. (más…)